7 Tips for Buying a Vacation Home in Aspen

7 Tips for Buying a Vacation Home in Aspen

Aspen is a mountain lover’s paradise! As a high-end ski town located 3.5 hours west of Denver, Aspen has access to some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world. With easy access to world-class snow resorts, like Aspen Mountain Ski Resort and Snowmass Village, Aspen sets the standard for mountain luxury. During the spring and summer months, hiking, biking, kayaking, and climbing take center stage in the granite peaks of the Rocky Mountains.
As a year-round destination with plenty of appeal, Aspen is one of the most premium markets for vacation homes. If you’re thinking about buying an Aspen vacation home, follow these expert tips to help you find the perfect fit. Our guide will walk you through the most important considerations when searching for your Aspen mountain home.

#1 Assess your finances

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The first step to buying any property is to assess your financial situation. If you’re buying a vacation home, consider what cash you have on hand for a downpayment. In a competitive market like Aspen, a larger down payment is going to make for a more attractive offer. Then, consider whether or not you’ll need financing to pay for the rest of your home. It’s important to take into consideration how this might affect your finances with other obligations you have, such as a mortgage on your primary residence or any upcoming repairs you might need to plan for.
When shopping for Aspen mountain homes, it’s important to also consider how you’ll be using the home. Will it be a private vacation home for yourself and your family? Are you open to renting it out? This can provide an alternate source of income to help finance the purchase.

#2 Define luxury in your own terms

Aspen real estate is as luxurious as can be. From enormous Aspen mansions to quaint and traditional Aspen cabins, there’s a property for every lifestyle and interest. When searching for your perfect luxury vacation home, it’s important to understand what luxury means to you. For example, for some, luxury might mean a serene mountain chalet, isolated and private, with the best high-end amenities to enjoy with their partner, like a stunning granite kitchen with convection ovens and a two-person hot tub under the stars. For someone else, luxury might mean a contemporary mountain home, with floor-to-ceiling windows to gaze upon the snowy mountains while a gas fireplace warms a sprawling living room filled with the entire family. Luxury means something different to everyone, and once you’re clear on what you’re looking for, you can breeze through the listings to find the perfect fit.

#3 Consider your hobbies

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Similarly, you should consider your hobbies and interests and what you plan to do in your mountain home to narrow down your search to a home that will check all the boxes. For example, if you love to ski or snowboard, you’ll want to have a vacation home to accommodate that, with plenty of landing space to store snowy boards, boots, and gear.
If you’re an avid hiker, you might want a comfy seating area in your foyer to unlace your boots and store your hiking poles. For those who love mountain biking, indoor bike storage and plenty of workshop space for repairs will be needed. Some people search for Aspen homes for the charming atmosphere of the mountains and would desire more space to relax inside, with outdoor areas perfect for taking in the stunning views from the comfort of their own home. How you plan to spend your time in Aspen will determine which amenities make sense in your vacation home.

#4 Consider your purpose

Consider the purpose of your vacation home. Will you be using it as a private getaway for yourself, or do you plan to bring friends and family with you? Is the home only for your personal use, or do you plan to rent it out for extra income? These answers will determine the size of the property you’re looking for, as well as what amenities you might want to include in the home.
For example, if the property will be used by friends and family, you might want to have space for a game room or a larger family room for children to play in. You may also want additional bedrooms and a spacious, modern kitchen with plenty of room to cook. If the home will mainly be used by yourself or your partner, you might want a cozier property with high-end amenities at every turn.

#5 Choose the right neighborhood

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All of Aspen is gorgeous, but like all towns, there are different neighborhoods, and each has different features. For example, if you love the nightlife and the restaurant scene, you might want to be closer to downtown to access these amenities whenever your heart desires. If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, you might want to own a property with easy lift access.

#6 Visit for yourself

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When buying a vacation home in Aspen, you’ll want to make sure you visit in the seasons you plan to spend time there. For example, if you’re a hiker, make sure to visit in the summer months to get a glimpse of how the town feels when the snow has melted. Conversely, if you’re a skier, make sure you visit during the high season in winter to see how amazing the world-famous terrain really is.

#7 Hire a realtor

One of the most important steps in shopping for your Aspen vacation home is to hire a top-notch realtor. When it comes to Aspen real estate, Susan & Simon have the experience to guide you to the perfect vacation home. As the leading luxury real estate agents in Aspen, Susan & Simon know all the ins and outs of the Aspen market. As locals to Aspen themselves, they can help you find the perfect home for any of your luxury needs. Reach out today!
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